What We Do

KATZEN provides services to clients requiring long-range business planning, research program planning and technical-economic evaluations for commercial development. We evaluate projects and provide independent engineering services for financial institutions; monitoring design, procurement, construction and start-up through performance certification.

KATZEN engineers, scientists, and designers are organized in teams to handle specific projects and to work efficiently in developing the required information. The specialized technical talents of each staff member are matched with the needs of each project.

We are normally retained at the beginning of a project, which allows us to focus on technology development and logistical solutions to achieve the most profitable and realistic technical applications for our clients. For many start-up companies, this initial technical review and guidance has enabled raising venture capital to pursue commercialization.

Our expertise in the development of a Process Design Package (PDP) serves as the basis for the detail design, procurement and construction of the plant within the process battery limits. We serve as liaison for the client to verify that the detail design, specified equipment and construction comply with the requirements of the PDP. KATZEN directs plant commissioning, start-up and operator training.

Over the years, KATZEN has introduced many technical firsts to the industry including the first successful commercial use of molecular sieves in ethanol production and development of the SSF (Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation) process. SSF is the fermentation process currently in use in 90% of the grain-based ethanol plants in the world. KATZEN has also developed improved technologies in the pulp and paper and chemical process industries.