Construction Liaison

KATZEN's cooperation and coordination with procurement, detail engineering and construction begin early in the life of the project. We assist our clients in maintaining conformance with process requirements so that efficient operation occurs according to each customized design.

Approval drawings for process equipment and piping are routed through KATZEN to catch any deviations early on. We consult directly with the detail piping designers and engineers to review the detailed plant layout and piping so that piping runs are minimized, saving unnecessary costs, and potential operating problems can be avoided.

We consult closely with DCS vendors to ensure that the computer programming meets the requirements for efficient operation of the plant. All graphic screens are evaluated for conformance with KATZEN P&ID drawings and also for ease of use.

KATZEN field personnel regularly visit the plant construction site and interface with the construction contractor to identify potential problems before they become expensive to correct. We provide services for final checkout of the process installations such as tower and equipment inspections to determine adherence to process requirements.

The end result is a properly constructed plant where an efficient, effective and smooth transition occurs between construction and plant operations.