Training and Startup

Training is an integral part of the transition from construction to production and includes:

  • Basic equipment functions, unit operations principles
  • Biochemical principles and processes
  • Plant specific operations and operating principles
  • Control system operation

KATZEN provides both classroom instruction and hands-on operator training. Focusing on the above principles, our detailed operator training program begins prior to commissioning and start-up and extends through initial operations.

The commissioning phase involves the initial operation trials of individual pieces of equipment or systems using water and steam. After individual pieces of equipment are functional, larger systems and then finally the entire integrated facility is deemed operational. KATZEN is on site to assist the owner and contractor during this exciting time. Laboratory procedures are exercised and integrated into the operation of the facility.

During the first few weeks of operation, we maintain a continual presence to assist and advise the operating staff.

After start-up and during the ongoing operation of the plant, we continue to monitor the process, including on-line communications, and are available to offer suggestions and assistance.