Research and Development

KATZEN engineers and scientists conduct extensive research and development prior to the introduction of any new technology advancement. Our systematic approach to investigation and experimentation supported by universities, colleges and laboratories is balanced with real world in-plant experience. Our research involves studying feedstocks, enzymes, process fluids and yeasts as well as using physical models, computer models and simulations to further our knowledge and gain valuable insight.

We continually update our designs based on proven results gained from over 60 years of empirical experience, technology innovation and extensive research and development while still focusing on the unique needs of each client. Our commitment to continuous improvement and new technologies has led to proprietary processes and distinct competitive advantages for our clients. This approach to technical development has enabled KATZEN to design the first large-scale flexible feedstock ethanol facilities and to pioneer such developments as the SSF (Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation) process, the first commercial molecular sieve installations in ethanol production, and disc and donut beer strippers.