Who We Are

KATZEN International, Inc. is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are a leading provider of technology, process design, and consulting engineering services to a wide variety of chemical and related process industries with a strategic focus on the continuous improvement, development and application of biofuels and bioethanol worldwide.

Our experienced and innovative chemical and mechanical engineers, scientists, and designers are dedicated to providing our clients proven designs based on demonstrated results gained from over 60 years of experience, empirical technology innovation, and extensive R&D. KATZEN-designed plants are tailored to the specific requirements of each client and are recognized for their production efficiency, reliability, and robust durability.

Technology developed exclusively by KATZEN has enabled the application of efficient, low-energy, low-pollution process designs to over 140 completed ethanol and biofuels related projects in 35 countries. Currently, we have plants under design, construction, or start-up in the Poland, Turkey, Thailand, China, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Our plants are highly automated, integrated designs which typically operate 350+ days per year. Many of our processes are specifically designed to utilize multiple feedstocks, including, but not limited to, wheat, barley, cassava, sugar, potatoes, molasses, cheese whey permeate, milo, corn and others.