Very High Quality Ethanol

KATZEN VHQ™ Distillation System Design

KATZEN is the world expert in process technology and engineering for the production of grain neutral spirits. Our KATZEN VHQ™ distillation system designs are capable of routinely producing ethanol product with less than 1 part per million (ppm) of all impurities combined and no detectable organoleptic characteristics. We call this special product "True Neutral Spirit" — the purest ethanol commercially available anywhere in the world. The VHQ™ system is unique in that it can produce True Neutral Spirit from virtually any feedstock. Each VHQ™ system is custom-designed and can be implemented as a “bolt-on” unit to upstream distillation systems producing a rectified spirit feed of any quality.

The evolutionary elements of this technology have been implemented in several plants across the world during the past 30 years. The pinnacle VHQ™ technology was first installed at the Golden Triangle Energy plant in Craig, Missouri in 2007 and is currently in operation in 5 plants around the world. The most recent example is installed at the Bioagra plant in Goswinowice, Poland.

KATZEN’s expertise includes technology for the processing of all types of sugar and starch based feedstocks to produce a broad range of ethanol specifications; from standard motor fuel grades, to industrial and technical grades, to grain neutral spirits, to the pinnacle VHQ™ product. Below are examples of KATZEN plants producing industrial grade, grain neutral spirits and VHQ™ ethanol products.

2020 Bioagra S.A. Goswinowice, PolandMultiple Grade Ethanol Plant ExpansionCorn750,000 LPD
Tarimsal Kimya Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret a.s. Bursa, TurkeyBeverage and Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol Distillation and Dehydration SystemWheat/Corn93,500 LPD
2014 Confidential Client United StatesHigh Grade Neutral EthanolCorn72,500 GPD
2009 Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. Frankfurt, KentuckySpirits Distillation UnitCorn14,600 GPD
2008 Golden Triangle Energy, LLC Craig, MissouriHigh Quality Industrial Grade Ethanol Processing UnitCrude 190° Pr. Spirit37,500 GPD
2008 Grain Processing Corporation Washington, IndianaHigh Quality Industrial and Beverage Ethanol Beer Stripper-Rectifier (Retrofit)Fermented Corn257,000 GPD
2004 Anchor Ethanol, Fonterra Co-operative Group Reporoa, New ZealandIndustrial Grade Distillation Ethanol System Redesign and UpgradeFermented Cheese Whey 
2004 Bio Etanol S.A. Siquinala-Escuintla, GuatemalaMotor Fuel, Industrial and Beverage Grades Ethanol PlantMolasses150,000 LPD
2004 Lamson Sugar Joint Stock Company (LASUCO)
(Alfa Laval (India) Limited)
Thanh Hoa, VietnamHigh Quality Neutral Spirits Ethanol Distillation SystemFermented Molasses85,000 LPD
2003 Márquez y Cía. Alcoholes Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBeverage Grade Ethanol Distillation System Technology Upgrade and ExpansionFermented Grain Sorghum57,000 LPD
2003 MGP Ingredients, Inc. Atchison, KansasHigh Quality Neutral Spirits Industrial and Motor Fuel Grade Ethanol Distillation/Dehydration SystemCrude Spirits from Grain94,000 GPD
2000 Carbery Milk Products Limited Ballineen, County Cork, IrelandVodka Spirits Distillation UnitCrude Spirits from Cheese Whey13,800 GPD
1999 Manildra Group
(Shoalhaven Starches Pty. Ltd.)
Nowra, N.S.W., AustraliaIndustrial and Motor Fuel Grade Ethanol Distillation/Dehydration UnitFermented Wheat Starch/Milo/Wheat200,000 LPD
1998 Himalayan Distillery Pvt. Ltd. Birgunj, NepalNeutral Spirits Ethanol Plant Cooking & FermentationMolasses and Grain30,000 LPD
1997 Bacardi Corporation San Juan, Puerto RicoRum and Neutral Spirits Distillation Unit Redesign and UpgradeFermented Molasses 
1995 Manildra Group
(Shoalhaven Starches Pty. Ltd.)
Nowra, N.S.W., AustraliaIndustrial Grade Ethanol Molecular Sieve Dehydration UnitRectified Ethanol75,000 LPD
1993 Destileria Soderal Guayaquil, EcuadorBeverage Grade Ethanol Plant Redesign and ModernizationMolasses30,000 LPD
1991 Anchor Ethanol Company, a subsidiary of the NZ Dairy Group of Companies Reporoa, New ZealandIndustrial/Potable Ethanol Debottlenecking/Quality Improvement/ExpansionDairy Whey9,000 GPD
1990 Travellers Ltd. Belmopan, BelizeBeverage Grade Ethanol/Rum Distillation UnitMolasses 
1989 Haitian American Sugar Co. Port Au Prince, HaitiBeverage Grade Ethanol Plant Automation and ControlsMolasses22,000 GPD
1976 St. Lawrence Starch Co., Ltd. Port Credit, Ontario, CanadaPotable Spirits Grade Ethanol Distillation UnitCorn (Wet Milling)15,000 GPD
1973 Bacardi Corporation of America San Juan, Puerto RicoRum Distillery ImprovementMolasses25,000 GPD
1967 Cia. Azucarera La Estrella, S.A. Aguadulce, PanamaRum and High Grade Potable Spirits Ethanol UnitMolasses5,000 GPD
1967 Midwest Solvents Company, Inc. Atchison, KansasPotable Spirits and Industrial Grade Ethanol Distillation UnitGrain16,000 GPD
1964 Commercial Alcohols Limited Gatineau, Quebec, CanadaHigh Grade Potable SpiritsMolasses5,300 GPD
1958 Melchers Distilleries Ltd. Montreal, Quebec, CanadaControl System for Whiskey PlantGrain15,000 GPD
1955 Commercial Alcohols Limited Gatineau, Quebec, CanadaPotable Spirits Grade Ethanol UntMolasses10,000 GPD
1947 Joseph E. Seagram Company General Continental U.S.Several Potable Spirits Grade Ethanol UnitsGrain40,000 GPD
1946 Bacardi Corporation San Juan, Puerto RicoRum DistilleryMolasses10,000 GPD