Bio Etanol S.A.

Located in Siquinala, Guatemala, Bio Etanol began production in 2007. The plant is designed for a daily production rate of approximately 150,000 liters of ethanol products. These products consist of both motor fuel grade ethanol (MFGE) and high quality (HQ) beverage grade ethanol. The MFGE/HQ beverage grade distillation system was designed such that zero (0) congener recycle is achieved while maintaining 100% ethanol recovery in the two ethanol products. The feedstock is a molasses byproduct that is produced at an adjacent sugar mill. The plant's location adjacent to the sugar mill enables it to share synergies with the sugar mill, reducing feedstock logistics and associated costs. The ethanol plant is certified by the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).

KATZEN provided to Bio Etanol our process design package, construction liaison, operator training, and start-up services.