Pound-Maker Ethanol Ltd.

Located in Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada, Pound-Maker Ethanol began startup and production in 1991. The plant was originally designed to produce about 2.7 million gallons per year of motor fuel grade ethanol (MFGE). In 2011, KATZEN designed a new molecular sieve dehydration system for the plant, and participated in plant-wide debottlenecking program to increase the ethanol plant capacity to 4 million gallons per year of MFGE. The Pound-Maker Ethanol plant is collocated with an adjacent cattle feedlot.

Wheat is the primary feedstock for this highly integrated dry mill ethanol plant/cattle feedlot. The plant includes mash preparation, cooking, liquefaction, simultaneous yeast propagation, saccharification and fermentation, distillation, and molecular sieve dehydration. The cattle feedlot consumes all of the whole stillage from the plant split as wet cake in the feed ration and as a thin stillage for use in the cattle watering system. This sustainable design enables the plant to operate without the added expense and energy usage associated with evaporation and drying operations; and the cattle feedlot benefits from the reduced expense and logistics associated with typical cattle feeding.

KATZEN provided the process design package, start-up services, and employee training.