Biocarburantes de Castilla y Leon, S.A.

Located in Castilla y Leon, Spain, Biocarburantes (Salamanca) began start-up and production in 2006. KATZEN designed this plant for Abengoa to produce 200 million liters per year of industrial (fuel) grade ethanol and to produce DDGS for animal feed using barley, wheat, and wine alcohol as feedstock. At the time of start-up, it was the largest fuel ethanol plant from barley in the world; currently, the plant routinely operates well above nameplate capacity.

Cogeneration is integrated with the facility to operate the drying operations, reducing the plant’s overall energy requirements and increasing its sustainability.

KATZEN provided to Biocarburantes De Castilla y Leon our process design package from milling through final product, detail engineering, construction liaison, operator training and start-up services.