Bioetanol Galicia

Located in Teixeiro, Spain, Bioetanol Galicia began start-up and production in 2002. KATZEN originally designed the plant for Abengoa to produce 130 million liters per year of industrial (fuel) grade ethanol for use in the production of ETBE. The plant also produces DDGS for animal feed and generates electricity. In 2007, KATZEN worked with Galicia through incremental process improvements and optimizations to expand the plant's capacity to over 150 million liters per year ethanol production.

The ethanol plant is capable of processing wheat, corn, barley and triticale and was the largest at the time of start-up in Europe to produce non-fossil fuel. KATZEN's SSF technology and low energy distillation system maximizes heat recovery to achieve high efficiencies. Cogeneration is integrated with the steam boiler to produce power, and a waste boiler heat recovery system fuels DDGS dryers, reducing the plant’s overall energy requirements and increasing its sustainability.

KATZEN provided to Bioetanol Galicia our process design package, detail engineering, construction liaison, operator training and start-up services.