E3 Biofuels

Located in Mead, Nebraska, USA, E3 Biofuels began start-up and production in 2007. The plant is designed to produce 20 million gallons per year of motor fuel grade ethanol (MFGE). The unique design of the ethanol plant is integrated with an adjacent cattle feedlot and an anaerobic digester. The cattle feedlot supplies corn as a feed material to the ethanol facility to remove the undigestable starch component of the cattle feed. The wet distiller's grain coproduct is then sent to the cattle as feed material. The cattle manure and thin stillage are directed to an anaerobic digester that supplies energy to the ethanol process. The ethanol process was designed specifically to optimize the water and steam balance of this exceptionally integrated facility.

KATZEN provided to E3 Biofuels our process design package, operator training and start-up services.