Start-up Success

Located in Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada, North West Bio-Energy Ltd. began start-up and production of motor fuel grade ethanol in 2009. Within only 3 short weeks of grinding the first wheat grain, the plant achieved its nameplate capacity for production of 72,000 liters per day of motor fuel grade ethanol (undenatured), on track for production of 25 million liters per year.

Like most KATZEN-designed plants, North West Bio-Energy is focused on energy conservation. This zero-discharge plant is co-located adjacent to pre-existing North West Terminal, where grain is received, cleaned, stored and delivered to the site by shared staff. Energy integration throughout the process results in overall energy savings and decreased steam consumption. Oat hulls from the terminal are used to fuel the bio-mass boiler which provides necessary steam to the ethanol plant. Exhaust gas from the biomass boiler will supplement the natural-gas fired rotary dryer for additional energy savings.

KATZEN provided to North West Bio-Energy our process design package which is unparalleled in detail, equipment design and specifications, isometric drawing and 3D model review, construction liaison, operator training and start-up services.