INPASA Agroindustrial S/A

Located in Nueva Esperanza, Paraguay, INPASA added a new KATZEN-designed distillation system that was integrated into their existing ethanol plant, and started-up in August, 2011. This distillation system, capable of producing 140 MM liters/year hydrous ethanol product, incorporates KATZEN technology to replace five manually-operated distillation towers with only two towers which are completely automated. The new KATZEN distillation system is an energy-efficient design that has dramatically reduced steam consumption for the distillation process and significantly improved ethanol yield. In addition, the new system operates continuously without cleaning – a drastic improvement over the previous system which needed to be shut down once every five days.

KATZEN provided to INPASA our detailed process design package as well as extensive on-site support for construction, commissioning, start-up, and plant operations.