INPASA Agroindustrial S/A

Located in Mato Grosso, Brazil, the third INPASA plant started up in 2019. The plant was designed for a nameplate capacity of 1,200,000 liters per day of motor fuel grade ethanol using corn as a feedstock in addition to a high-quality DDGS product. To accommodate the unique fuel market in Brazil, INPASA has the flexibility to produce a hydrous or an anhydrous product. Our robust design combined with their experienced operations team has allowed them to well exceed the nameplate production. Additionally, KATZEN has designed a 600,000 liter per day expansion project with INPASA at this site, with construction now underway.

KATZEN provided to INPASA our detailed process design package and will provide off-site and on-site support for construction, commissioning, start-up, and plant operations.