Ensus UK Limited

Located in Teesside, a northeast port of the UK, Ensus began start-up and production in 2010. The plant’s location on a port allows for ease of grain importation and ethanol product export.

The Ensus plant is designed to produce 400 million liters per year of fuel grade ethanol, making it the largest single-train designed, wheat-only feedstock, fuel-grade ethanol plant in the world. This vast production capacity enables Ensus to supply about one third of UK’s demand for fuel grade ethanol. Ensus is focused on sustainability and has structured its business to reduce its carbon footprint by receiving the plant’s energy requirements from an existing combined heat and power plant which is partially fueled by biomass and by recovering CO2 from fermentation to produce a valuable coproduct. The plant also produces a valuable high protein animal feed coproduct (DDGS).

KATZEN provided to Ensus our detailed process design package as well as construction liaison, operator training, and start-up and operations support services.