Guiding Principles

At KATZEN, we believe in speaking the truth and doing what is in the best interest of our clients, even when it is not popular. Our commitment to standing behind what is right has helped us to steer clients away from impractical "pipe dreams" and to focus initial efforts on the most profitable applications which provide sustainable competitive advantages to the project. This stance has enabled KATZEN to develop new advanced technology and has led to commercialization of our own and our clients' proprietary processes.

At KATZEN, we are driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Maintaining a foundation of honor, honesty, and integrity to guide all decisions
  • Committing to partnering with clients to customize designs to fit unique project requirements - never succumbing to the "cookie cutter" design approach
  • Fostering personal commitment in all employees toward the success of each project
  • Focusing on providing proven advanced technology to each client
  • Upholding the highest technical, scientific, and documentation standards
  • Providing a continual environment of learning and growth